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Emirates Airlines rolls out children summer special

EMIRATES has rolled out special programming for children and is offering more than ever before for families travelling with youngsters this summer and throughout the year. With the busy summer holidays in full swing, Skytrax’s World Best Airline, is pulling out all the stops to keep the young ones entertained both in the air and on the ground. In the 2013/14 financial year, Emirates carried 2.3 million youngsters, demonstrating its strong family following. Even before departure, complimentary baby strollers and changing tables are available within Emirates’ dedicated Terminal 3 and there are play areas equipped toys within Emirates’ exclusive lounges. Priority boarding is provided to families with young children. But it’s on board when the real fun starts. The dedicated children’s channels on the popular ice entertainment system brings an array of cartoons, interactive games, podcasts and CDs. There are currently more than 60 children’s movies on ice, including the entire Harry Pot

SAA implements strict travel regulations for children

With effect from October I, 2014, South African Airways (SAA) will comply with new regulations relating to children who travel to and from South Africa. These new regulations were promulgated in terms of the South African Immigration Amendment Act of 2010 which define children as persons under the age of 18. “These regulations are designed to ensure the safety of children and should thus be welcomed,” says SAA’s spokesperson, Mr Tlali Tlali. “As fromOctober 1, we will not be able to check in all travellers who cannot produce the necessary documentation in terms of this Act.” In terms of the new regulations, when parents are travelling with a child they need to produce an unabridged birth certificate that shows the names of both parents. In cases where the certificate is in a language other than English, it must be accompanied by a sworn translation issued by a competent authority in the country concerned. When a child travels with only one parent, additional documents should includ

What women must know when travelling

For women, solo travel – business or pleasure – can bring about adventurous and daring experiences. We use it as an opportunity to explore on our terms and meet new people. However, we often get caught up in the Eat, Pray, Love moment, and let down our guard to potential danger or mishaps. Any business or leisure trip can be an unforgettable, positive one if we maintain a balance of caution and risk-taking. To get the most out of your next solo getaway, we turned to some of Amadeus’ brave road warriors for their safety tips that any traveller (male or female) can use. Tip 1: “When I’m entering my hotel room, as I open the door, I yell, ‘Hi, honey, I’m back!’ to ward off any potential stalkers.” –Jessica Labaire, OTA Marketing Manager Tip 2: “When the front desk clerk asks ‘how many room keys would you like?’ I always say “two” – even though I only plan to use one. This way, a potential lurker/stalker nearby isn’t tipped off to the fact that I’m traveling alone.” – Kristen Goldman, I