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ThinkTermites -They are Nutritious and Medicinal

Everything in nature has a purpose. Nothing exists for nothing. So, it is not surprising to read in The Guardian's Natural Health page that termites have both dietary and medicinal benefits. Growing up, one enjoyed staying awake to harvest akumkpu for consumption. I remember grandma using it to garnish African salad which serves as one of the favourite delicacies in the South East part of Nigeria and I feel like having a bowl of right away. Read the details below as reported in the Guardian. Who knows, you may consider termite a healthy part of your family menu.  In Nigeria, termites are usually roasted and eaten as food, mostly during the rainy season. But can termites be the next therapeutic resource for the treatment of asthma, hoarseness and sinusitis, wounds, malnutrition, nutrient deficiency, sickness of pregnant women and as a charm for spiritual protection? Recent studies suggest that, in addition to their ecological importance, termites are a sour

Arik Air Grounds Two Aircraft Following a Collision

Nigeria's largest Carrier; Arik Air has grounded two of her aircraft following a collision at the domestic wing of the Lagos airport yesterday. A statement from the airline disclosed that “ two of our aircraft, Boeing 737-800NG were this afternoon involved in a wing-tip brush at the General Aviation Terminal (GAT) of the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Ikeja, Lagos”. According to the spokesperson of the airline Mr. Adebanji Ola “one of the aircraft, 5N-MJP was marshaled out of the ramp for a scheduled flight when its wing brushed that of another aircraft, 5N-MJQ parked on the ramp” While confirming that the two aircraft involved have been grounded for investigation, Mr. Ola said that “there were no incidences as the safety of passengers was not jeopardized” It will be recalled that First Nation and Emirates aircrafts have also been involved in ground collision at the Lagos airport recently.

Is Port Harcourt Airport Really the Worst in the World?

A survey carried out by SleepingInAirports has placed our own Port Harcourt Airport as the worst in terms of corruption and traveller’s airport experience. Also, people who work at the airport have been fingered as contributing to this negative image with their unpleasant and unhelpful attitude. According to the report released by the data was collected by “asking travellers to rate their airport experiences based on the services and facilities available within the terminal, cleanliness, customer service, comfort and their overall airport experience” The report revealed that though a lot of airports worldwide performed poorly, those that are rated the worst got the most negative feedback from voters over the past year. The category of worst   airports which Port Harcourt Airport champions fell short of   “providing any kind of enjoyable overall airport experience. Instead, they're dirty, with virtually no seating, broken air-conditioning

Linda Ikeji Inspires Young Women with her Success Story

Celebrity female blogger ;Linda Ikeji has rolled out her success story to inspire women to embrace entrepreneurship and self reliance in order to attain their full potential and enjoy the best life has to offer. Sharing the excitement of acquiring a new house at the elite Banana Island Ikoyi on her blog Linda says “I bought a two-storey luxury house in the exclusive Banana Island area of Ikoyi...and to be honest, I still can't believe it. It's everything I prayed my house would be” While urging Young women to believe in themselves, Linda says: “Listen, you are beautiful and you are stronger than you know. There's absolutely nothing you can't achieve if you set your mind to it, put your heart and soul into it. Up until five years ago, I was a struggling entrepreneur. I can't tell you how many offices in this Lagos I sat in for hours waiting to see people who could support my business...but most times, I never passed the reception area. But I never gave up and