Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Nigeria's Aviation News Headline for Tuesday January 17, 2017

I am still wondering how Kaduna Airport will cope as a temporary hub! The Federal Airport Authority, Kaduna State Government and domestic airlines who will use the airport must plan ahead to ensure that passengers are not put through additional stress. Please find the headlines below and follow the links to read the stories in full.

Abuja Airport: Aviation Professionals Endorse Closure


ANAP Secretary General, Comrade Abdulrasaq Saidu who made the position known to journalists at their secretariat at the Lagos airport said the association is in total support of the closure of the airport and use of Kaduna airport as alternative in the interest of safety of air travelers.
According to him, Kaduna is best alternative to Abuja airport as it has a longer runway than Minna Airport. With a longer runway and better access road to Abuja, Saidu averred that generally, Kaduna airport is far better than Minna Airport.

Kaduna Airport Terminal Still Building Site Ahead Of Air Hub Switch

A new terminal at northern Nigeria’s Kaduna airport is still under construction with cables hanging from ceilings less than two months before it is due to become an aviation hub when the capital’s airport closes temporarily for runway repairs.
Nigeria plans to shut Abuja airport for six weeks from March 8 to repair its runway and divert flights to Kaduna, an airport used primarily for domestic flights about 160 km (100 miles) to the north, after airlines threatened to stop flying to the capital.
Abuja-bound passengers will have to fly to Kaduna and travel in buses, guarded by security, on a road where kidnappings have taken place in the past few years.
Kaduna airport handled 12 flights in December 2015, the last month for which Nigeria’s airports authority has figures, compared with 812 that used Abuja.
The government hopes international carriers will use Kaduna during the closure but the new terminal, in the works for about four years, was still a building site when a Reuters team visited the airport on January 10.

MH370: Search For Vanished Malaysian Airliner Suspended

The search for the Malaysian airliner that disappeared three years ago with 239 on board has been suspended.
In a statement, Australia, Malaysia and China said the decision was taken with “sadness” after a fruitless search in more than 120,000 sq km (46,300 miles) of the Indian Ocean.
Families of the victims called it an “irresponsible” move that must be reconsidered.
Flight MH370 vanished en route to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur in 2014.
So far only seven of the 20 pieces of recovered debris have been identified as definitely or highly likely to be from the Boeing 777.
A report in November 2016 said the plane probably made a “high and increasing rate of descent” into the Indian Ocean.

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