Friday, 29 July 2016

Points to Note Before Purchasing Any Airline's Promo Fares

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No doubt, airline promotional fares are enticing especially when compared to the standard fares offered to the same destination by the same airline. Airlines use promotional or discounted fares to stimulate sales. They are usually available on both business and economy cabins depending on the airline. Promo fares are used to promote sales.

However, no matter how cheap an airline fare is, never grab the offer without verifying the terms and conditions applicable to that particular fare. It is common to hear a good number of travelers say something like “give me the cheapest fare” only to come back crying foul when there are issues.

So, before you grab that offer, confirm the validity of the ticket you are buying. Some promo fares could be valid for 1 month, 2 months; 3 months et cetera whereas most airlines’ standard fares are valid for 1 year.

Also, a lot of promo fares are not modifiable which means you cannot make changes once purchased.  Such fares may also not be refundable, so you either use the ticket or lose it!
 I am sure that is not a risk you will love to take when you know that your travel plans can change any moment.
I remember a Carrier that used to charge very cheap fares to London but it was also common to see passengers who missed their flights complain bitterly as they were neither rescheduled nor offered refunds simply because they purchased tickets with stringent conditions.

It is advisable to always confirm the conditions applicable to the class of ticket you are buying. Even where the tickets are changeable, always confirm the cost of making changes.
Take your time, ask all the questions you need to ask and read through your ticket as well.
I am sure you will take note of these points when buying your next flight ticket.

Feel free to ask any question that will help make your travel experience more pleasurable.
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