Tuesday, 16 August 2016

How Scammers Impersonate Air Peace to Commit Fraud.

It is no longer news that fraudsters are everywhere using fake online and offline channels of notable individuals and organisations to rob people off their possessions.
Nigeria’s rising carrier; Air Peace has not been spared from the activities of fraudsters and the airlines has engaged the media to warn the public to beware.
The airline stated in an advertorial published in major Nigerian dailies that fraudulent entities now run advertisement offering nonexistent jobs to desperate jobseekers while also using fraudulent bank accounts to demand payment .
Air Peace revealed that these fraudsters have created fake website, blogs, E-mails posing as Air Peace armed with fake telephone numbers to perpetuate their criminal acts.
Every airline has official channels of communication and Air Peace says it can be contacted via www.flyairpeace.com , info@flyairpeace.com and callcenter@flyairpeace.com
Since the airline slogan is peace, guess you should always use the official contacts if you want to experience peace!
 Stay safe.

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