Monday, 19 December 2016

British Airport Strike: Etihad, Emirates Make Contingency Plans


Anyone travelling to Britain this weekend should be on alert as Airport workers in the United Kingdom are threatening to go on 48 hours strike this weekend over wages and condition of service.
Though talks aimed at settling the dispute has been scheduled for Tuesday December 20, 2016, United Arab Airlines Emirates and Etihad said they are monitoring the situation and have also made contingency plans for their flight operations to the UK on Friday should the British airport workers go ahead with the strike.
According to a report in about 1,500 airport staff comprising check-in, baggage handlers and cargo staff working under Swissport Company are championing the strike.

Reports say it is still unclear how many UK airports will be affected but there are fears that airports in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Newcastle, Manchester, Heathrow, Stansted, Leeds and Bradford might be affected since they employ staff from Swiss port; the company whose staff are spearheading the industrial action.

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