Saturday, 17 December 2016

How to Avoid Undue Stress at Nigerian Airports This Christmas Season

Christmas is almost here and Nigerians must travel recession or no recession!
However, travelling by air has great benefits and peculiar challenges but with good preparation one can avoid unnecessary pressure at the airports this season.
One thing air- travelers especially leisure travelers must imbibe is the habit of booking their tickets ahead of time. Why wait for last minute rush when you already knew you would travel for Christmas festivities?  It is very easy to purchase flight tickets with advancement in technology. Tickets can be purchased directly from the airlines via their websites or sales offices. Tickets can be purchased from airlines’ partner banks. Flight tickets are also available on online travel shops like Jumia Travel
and with just a click, intending passengers can login to the portal and choose from an array of available flights by various airlines.
If you don’t buy ticket ahead of time, it means you are prepared to spend more and you will definitely do so.
Also, passengers need to maximize the availability of online check-in to minimize airport stress. Most Nigeria's domestic airlines like Arik Air, Dana, MedviewAir Peace
 have online check-in facility on their websites. You can save yourself so much stress by just checking- in online.
Airline passengers should be avoid carrying unnecessary luggage. Why pay excess baggage fee for something you do not really need for your trip. Domestic airlines in Nigeria charge as high as 500 naira per kilogram of excess luggage. You can save so much money by making an alternative arrangement to cargo your load if you must carry them.
Airline passengers must also learn to get to the airport on time to avoid missing their flights. Vehicular traffic is usually high this season so intending passengers need to factor that in and leave for the airport well ahead of time.  
Airline passengers must learn to pay attention to announcements at the airport. Some people get to the airport on time but still miss their flights because they did not hear boarding announcement.

Travelling by air shouldn’t be stressful but the peculiarities of the airports in Nigeria can really make it cumbersome. But passengers can make the most of their travel experience by playing their part.

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